Making Generative AI Work for You

In this 3-part webinar “lunch and learn” series, you’ll learn how you can put Generative AI to work for you in your personal and professional life. This series is based on David Schweidel’s Business Over Breakfast webinar session: Are Machines Coming for Your Job? Exploring the Promise and Implications of Generative AI. Each session will be one full hour. The webinar series will introduce and demonstrate productivity hacks that you can implement with ChatGPT. It will then dive into how Generative AI can be used to quickly draft marketing content, including text and images. The webinar series will conclude with a discussion of where the risks associated with Generative AI and what organizations considering its use can do in the short- and long-run. Please note discounts do not apply to this webinar series. Each webinar will be from 12:00pm – 1:00pm on the following Fridays: April 14, 21 & 28, 2023. Webinar 1: Getting the Most Out of ChatGPT: Productivity Hacks (April 14, 2023) Webinar 2: AI for content marketing (April 21, 2023) Webinar 3: Image generators (April 28, 2023).